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S. Thomas Estate Sales is central Minnesota’s leading provider for professional estate liquidations. We will provide our experience and knowledge to ensure that your liquidation is conducted properly and professionally and the results are successful.


Steven Thomas Foy founded S. Thomas Estate Sales in 2010. His mission was to provide central Minnesota with a professional and ethical estate liquidation company. He started with an experienced staff who had previously conducted estate liquidations in Duluth, MN for 30 years.


Steve has always used the phrase “If you are going to do it, do it right.” in his professional life. This simple phrase is the foundation for how S. Thomas and Associates operate. Our employees pride themselves in presentation, professionalism and customer service. They make the extra effort in each step of the sale to ensure that their clients and customers are satisfied from beginning to end.


S. Thomas and Associates primary company policy is to respect the client and property involved. All of the employees have the highest level of respect for our client’s household and property. During the sale, S. Thomas representatives assure that customers are aware that they are a guest in the client’s home.