In the marketplace of music festivals and concerts, we see a definite need for a certain type of country music whose presence is sadly lacking. Currently, most radio station music formats and venue/festival line-ups only promote the young country artists who are hot right now. Our vision is to tap into what we believe is a growing desire to get back to the traditions of country music. Therefore we plan to build a music festival that features “Iconic Artists”. There are so many artists who have paved the way for today’s new stars and provided the influences you hear in today’s music. It is these same artists who have long lists of #1s and Top 20 Hits under their belt but yet, unfortunately, have very limited musical outlets to call home anymore. Our main focus for headliners is on the Iconic Artists from the 1970-1990s as their listeners are in the age group and demographics that we are looking for to support and attend our event. In building our vision for Iconic Fest, we also see the opportunities to broaden our audience preferences by additionally incorporating non-country genres as long as the Artist reflects that “Iconic” status. Therefore we plan to include genres such as southern rock and classic rock into the festival format. We also plan to use support time slots to feature older Artists or Tribute Artists that depict legendary favorites like Johnny Cash. Example National Level Artists affiliated with our preferred demographics are Joe Diffie, Sawyer Brown, Tracy Lawrence, John Anderson, Marshall Tucker Band, Little River Band, etc.

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