Carl Younce for Crow Wing Power Board

Political Organization


I have filed for CWP board seat in District 2B. My goal is to use my strong management background and knowledge of cooperative business and boards to bring a fresh insight to performance and direction of Crow Wing Power. I am a retired Vice President of CHS Inc., America's largest Ag Cooperative and my home is in Crosslake. For sixteen years I was an advisor to 10 cooperative boards and an active member on two more. I attended monthly board meetings and trained boards on financial analysis, duties, responsibilities, ethics, budgeting, mergers, acquisitions and strategic planning. I also provided management oversight to 13 cooperative business units with General Managers with responsibility for their financial performance. Other relevant experience includes 5 years as a Regional Director of a Large Cooperative, 5 years on a state cooperative council, 15 years as a General Manager and 6 years on a school board (two as Chairman). My history of leadership of boards and management of Cooperatives make me very qualified to represent you on the board of Directors of Crow Wing Power. I appreciate your consideration and vote.

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