Our congregation exists solely by the grace of God. We are made up of sinners from many walks of life who have heard Christ's call of repentance and forgiveness. As Christ has invited us to do, we gather to be shaped by His Word and the Sacraments so through the power of His Holy Spirit we may constantly grow in faith and love. That sums up our whole mission as well - we strive to share the hope and newness of life that Christ gives to one another and to the community around us by means of the Word and Sacraments, so that others might experience and be shaped by God's holy will and gracious promises. And that is what we aim for in every aspect of our life together - to constantly hold each other up under God's truth, to serve one another, encourage each other, and comfort each other, that God might bring us to rely on Him alone for our hope and future, and we might live as His people until Christ returns.

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